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Researchers Are Looking At Cannabis As A Potential Way To Prevent COVID-19

Two Canadian researchers think that a special strain of cannabis might potentially be a valuable tool in the fight against COVID-19.
The researchers, Olga and Igor Kovalchuck have reportedly been developing and testing a novel cannabis strain for years, except with the goal of creating a strain that helps to combat cancer and inflammation. When the pandemic hit, the duo started to focus their efforts on how the strain might be used to help fight COVID-19.
The duo’s work was published in an April issue of the online medical journal Preprints.
“Similar to other respiratory pathogens, SARS-CoV2 is transmitted through respiratory droplets, with potential for aerosol and contact spread. It uses receptor-mediated entry into the human host via angiotensin-converting enzyme II (ACE2) that is expressed in lung tissue, as well as oral and nasal mucosa, kidney, testes, and the gastrointestinal tract,” reads the study. “Modulation of ACE2 levels in these gateway tissues may prove a plausible strategy for decreasing disease susceptibility.”
After looking at the research done on cannabis and COVID by other scientists, they were able to determine that cannabis, a special strain in particular, could potentially block COVID-19 from entering a person’s body to begin with.

It all comes down to our body’s ACE2 receptors, which works sort of like doorways into our bodies for the virus. In the case of the Kovalchuck’s work, cannabis would be used to decrease the level of ACE2 gene expression, essentially temporarily closing the doors to the virus.

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How CBD Oil May Treat Anxiety in the Time of COVID-19

Anxiety disorders affect some 40 million adults in the US every year. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic currently wreaking havoc worldwide, there is a real danger of that figure increasing in 2020. Without a doubt, hearing or watching news about the rising number of infections and deaths can increase anxiety levels. Losing jobs the way millions have during this pandemic can make people worry about their future. The realization that no vaccine or cure for COVID-19 is close on the horizon can send one into panic mode. The stay-at-home orders state governments have issued aren’t helping anxiety either.